Does anyone else constantly put pressure on themselves? I feel like this is such a huge factor in life. I mean, it’s only normal to feel a little pressure every now and then. But what if i’m constantly questioning myself, overthinking and trapping myself in this enormous negative bubble… how do I control it?

I for one am a massive culprit of this. Specially with my blogging interests, i’m always feeling HUGE amounts of pressure, comparing myself to others, worrying if i’m creating the right content or losing followers and not getting myself out there as much as others. Pressure can really affect your mental health if it gets out of hand.

The reason I wanted to talk about this with you guys is because given our current situation, we have no choice but to stay indoors, some of us are struggling what to do with ourselves, whilst in the meantime seeing others doing a million workouts, making endless amounts of banana bread and posting 2-3 times a day. How do they do it all? Where do they find the motivation? Every single one of us is different. Some people like to take it easy, other like to keep busy at all times, and that’s OK! Just because others may be doing more than you, does not mean you need to do the same. You don’t need to put that pressure onto yourself. Stick on Netflix and binge Friday Night Dinner or grab one of your favourite books and create a little corner for yourself to get lost in.

One of my favourite ways to help dealing with pressure is to write it all down:

  • Make a list of all the things causing pressure to yourself
  • Evaluate why it is causing you so much pressure. Is it because you’re not doing enough? Or is it because you’re not doing it at all?
  • Write down all the ways you can release the pressure; if it’s a task, can you postpone it to another day?
  • Some people like to schedual their weeks, as much as it can be a good idea for some people to stay motivated; this can also create some kind of pressure if tasks are not met. SCRAP IT! If its causing you stress/pressure don’t do it. Do your tasks as and when you can.

Of course, if writing doesn’t seem like the best solution for you, talking to someone is the best alternative. Getting it all out in the open so you’re not holding this huge burden inside you. Talking to the right person means that they can hopefully give you some feedback/advise on ways to deal with your worries.

One very important thing to remind ourselves is that OUR MENTAL HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING. Do not lose yourself because you didn’t clean the house on Thursday or because you haven’t posted on instagram for three days. When it comes to your mental health, it’s not worth it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If anyone is struggling with anything or needs someone to talk to, my dm’s are always open and I will try and give you the best advise… I’ve always been better at giving advise then taking it… so my mother tells me anyway!

Stay safe, Stay positive x

With this time stuck indoors, lets talk about self portraits, how to get creative and most importantly make taking photos FUN!

Steps in taking the best Self portraits:

Make sure you have a clear/neutral background –

If you don’t have a plain background indoors, not to worry! Just grab a couple white sheets from the airing cupboard, lay one across the floor and if you can find an area where you can hang the other sheet; maybe you’ve got a blind rail which you can clip it onto, or a door frame.. it really doesn’t matter, because when you’ve got it all set up you should hopefully not be able to see it in the shot anyway! (obviously if your sheets are MEGA creased, you may want to iron it out a little… I am guilty of this on a few occasions!)

This is one I created the other day:

Take a close up –

Ok so not everyone is super excited about getting up close and personal with the camera, I mean it could show off all our flaws right? Well here’s a few tips on how to create an ideal close up portrait:

Do your hair nicely – If your hairs naturally straight, maybe give it a curl so its something different for your viewers.

Put on a little eyeshadow – A close up will deffo make people appreciate the little details in your make up.

Pucker up! Add a little lipstick/gloss for a more bold look.

Find the right angle – Obviously we all have that “good side”.. well when you are closer to the camera its important to find the right angle which your most comfortable with. Trying new poses or tilting your head a little more than usual may just be that extra little step for that perfect close up.

Lighting – This is one of the most important steps in taking any photo! But when taking a close up you want it to be detailed, bright and eye catching. Making sure your photos are high quality will always be a winner to attracting more of an audience!

Jewellery – Like I said with the eyeshadow, it’s all about the little details which can really enhance your close up self portraits. Adding some earrings or a nice necklace not only will shine with your good lighting, but it adds more contrast to your photo.

Here’s an example I took the other week: (as you can see I forgot to iron this sheet, but being my first self portrait I think I’ll let this one slide…)


Be creative! Add some furniture or a cute plant:

Why not make your self portraits a little more creative?! A white sheet is more of a professional and clean looking shot, which is always a winner. But for those who like to get a little more creative here’s some things you can add to help you get all artsy:

Sit on a chair/stool – Instead of just sitting on the floor or standing in front of your set up, add a coloured chair or something that will suit your theme (one for the bloggers) to add a bit of character.

Add in a cute plant – Whether its your favourite plant pot or a few petals on the floor, this really helps with the aesthetic of your portrait.

Coffee cup/laptop – If you still want that professional look but you don’t like a plain background these are the perfect ‘props‘ for you.

Here’s a couple of examples:


If you guys do have any questions on anything I have covered or not covered in this blog post feel free to message me over on Instagram – @imchelsierose and I’d be happy to help!

Stay safe x

Hope your all enjoying your Bank holiday weekends and the sun is shining wherever you are… London is beaming!

This weekend is the best time to take a little time out for yourself and incase you wondered, what can I do with myself? I’ve listed a few ideas below for you guys:

Read a book

Catch up on your favourite series

Work on your skincare routine


Rearrange your room

Bake some cakes

Pamper yourself


Whether you’re spending this isolation period on your own or with other household members, its important to enjoy your own company at times. It makes us less reliant on other peoples presence and as individuals makes us more independent. With the likes of social media and advanced technology of todays generation, it has become very easy to always be surrounded by people both virtually and physically. Almost so that we may have forgotten what it’s like to be alone.

So how do we learn to appreciate our own company?

Set goals for yourself to achieve – whether that be reaching a desired weight by the end of the month or quitting a bad habit. It keeps you focused on what you want to accomplish that you don’t worry who’s around or not.

Writing – I know this may not be everyones cup of tea, but for me I feel like I can go into my own little world when I’m writing, so much so that it sometimes feels like i’m talking to someone while i’m writing my thoughts down. Does that make sense? or is this just a sign of madness? i’m not sure… but basically what i’m trying to say is that, although i’m alone it feels like i’m telling someone my story, so I guess it kind of gives you a sense of security that your not completely alone.

And if you don’t like the idea of writing a short blog/story, you can always write down future plans, bucket list idea’s – whether that be to travel, go into a new profession, build a family or doing something crazy like bungee jumping. Because here’s the thing, achieving your goals makes you more self assured, it builds confidence and with confidence you learn to be happy and comfortable in your own skin.

Catch up on things you may have postponed – spending too much time with other people can result in falling behind on things you wanted to do, things likes; clearing out your wardrobe, finishing your favourite book/series, or starting a new course. Use this time to accomplish those things, not only does it give you a sense of achievement but you’ll feel more relaxed and content within yourself. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my little clear out of my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago. this was something I was meaning to do for a very long time (if you saw my story, you’ll know how bad it really was!!) and after it was finished, yes I felt knackered… there’s no doubt about that, but I felt relieved, I felt proud and most importantly I felt content with myself.

But what happens if you haven’t got anything to catch up on? Well, that’s easy… start something new and exciting to do. It can be absolutely anything, the main thing is keeping yourself busy, for when your not busy you’ll most likely get bored and possibly irritated leaving you to dislike to your own company… and that’s not the aim here! 

Something that I wanted to address while learning to enjoy your own company is that being alone and being lonely are too completely different things and here’s why:

1. You can be happy while you are alone. The same can’t be said for being lonely

2. Standing in a concert full of people, you can be lonely. It is not a question of numbers, but of emotions. However if you are watching your friends video of the concert at home by yourself, well you get it, you are just alone.

3. If you fancy a drink when you are alone, that’s entirely up to you. If you want to have a drink when you are lonely… don’t do it. It’s nothing but a slippery slope that nine times out of ten will make you feel a lot worse.

Lastly, loneliness has more side affects with it; things like confusion, insomnia, it makes you overthink A LOT at the best of times. Don’t confuse yourself when you’re alone into thinking you’re lonely. “Being alone is a state of being; loneliness is a state of mind.” reference from

I hope this has given you a little bit of light into appreciating your own company and that there’s so many wonderful benefits of being alone, showing you what you can create or achieve by doing so. great info about the difference of loneliness and being alone on this blog if you wanted more of an insight!

Are you use to taking photos on the go? Have a preferred location to shoot your outfits? Or do you always rely on a photographer to take your photos?

I’m here to talk about how to make the most of our current situation and how you can create content just as good content indoors! Majority of my content is shot outdoors (preferably London based) and where I live on the outscerts of London, its not just as simple as going out for my hour exercise and quickly snapping that outfit shot.

So here are a few of my tips while learning to create content indoors:

  • Find a location in your house that has the best lighting
  • Make sure you have a clean background (no dirty laundry on the floor or rubbish you left on the armchair etc..)
  • Keep your niche the same throughout – some people may find it difficult getting that full body outfit shot and go on to creating make up flat lays or taking endless snaps of their pets (cute and all..) but that’s not the reason your followers followed you in the first place. Some of your audience may loose interest and therefore jeopardising the balance of engagement.
  • Be creative – as well as making sure your keeping your area clean, try involving some of your home décor to attract viewers. A cute plant or stylish chair is always a winner.
  • Selfies – in my opinion selfies are a hit OR miss. If they work for you then great the more selfies the better! However if you find your selfies don’t reach as many viewers than normal try to avoid this if you can. You want to keep your engagement as good as it can be.
  •  Pinterest – this is always a good idea to get inspo from other creators. As long as you do not copy their work, it’s a very helpful tool to bring idea’s to life.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t be too harsh on yourself. At the end of the day creating content is suppose to be fun and exciting, you should post what you love and what inspires you.

So the past couple of weeks I’m sure have been very difficult for all of us. I myself have struggled getting use to working from home, adapting to creating content indoors and generally keeping up with day to day life. I feel everything is a bit up in the air at the moment and all I can keep thinking is how long will this all last? When are we going to get back to normal living? How will we know when its safe to leave our homes for good?

There’s so many questions that could be asked… but none of us know the answers.

That is why in todays post I wanted to share some handy tips that we can all use to keep us going and lift are moods, but most importantly to keep us SANE!

Exercise –

It’s so important during this period to use our 1 hour exercise where we can, whether that be walking your pets, riding your bike or simply just going for a walk. But if you don’t fancy going outdoors or the weather is miserable, why not try a home workout? I’ve recently been doing daily yoga to help relieve stress and reduce muscle cramps (it’s also a great alternative to doing an intense workout if this is not your cup of tea!)

Games –

using this time to spend quality time with your family / partner. Playing games kind of takes your mind away from everything and lets you focus on what you are actually doing.This is great way to lift the mood and keep you busy when your feeling bored. Although, I wouldn’t suggest frustration or Monopoly… it never ends well lets be honest.

Cleaning –

I know this may already sound boring, but has anyone else started cleaning and instantly you go into this zone, it’s like a trance and I swear you forget about everyone and everything. Personally I find cleaning very therapeutic. There’s also a great sense of achievement when it’s all done and dusted!

Make a change –

this could be about anything, whether it’s your style, rearranging your furniture, your hobbies or how you see /approach things. This is the time to use your ability to make changes about your lifestyle.

Communicate –

its important to keep in touch with your loved ones / friends during this time. Whether it be a simple text, phone, or video call. It lets the person know you were thinking of them and can really make an impact on peoples day. We are so lucky to have the internet and be able to stay in touch wherever we are. Let’s make the most of the tools we have, to help us get through this time together.

Quality time –

spending time with your family / partner / housemates is such a great way to connect with each other. For me I really enjoy sitting in the living room of an evening with my parents and just watching a movie together. You can also spend lunch/dinner times with one another – just catch up on how your all doing and have a bit of a chit chat!

I hope we all come out of this with positive minds and our outlook on life will be very different. Over the time spent indoors, we learn to appreciate what we may have took for granted – things like going to the movies, nights at the pub, date nights with your partner. But it’s not just about the activity side of things, in this time it really doesn’t matter whether your rich, poor, celebrity, non celebrity… we are all in the exact same boat. We are all living this moment together. We are all human.

Let’s all support each other by staying indoors, keeping each other safe and healthy. We’ve got this.

So I feel like I haven’t wrote on here in such a long time, life has gotten in the way and as you can see from the title I’ve had a few things going on!

This post is a quite a personal one to me and is something I’ve never really spoke freely about as it was such a huge insecurity of mine. However I have recently undergone Rhinoplasty (one month ago) and I wanted to share my full journey with you all on here as I’ve briefly spoke about it over on my Instagram channel.


I have never felt comfortable with how my nose looks, mainly from the side profile as I always thought it looked too big for my face/frame. This was my biggest insecurity for the past 6/7 years. I use to hate pictures taken from the side or generally people looking at me from the side for that matter. But not only did the appearance bother me I also had what is called a “deviated septum” which is where your septum is slightly slanted to one side making it difficult to breath fully out of one nostril – this affected me quite a lot, specially when I would go to sleep.


I had my first consultation with my surgeon Dr Dario Rochira on 25th May at the Private Clinic on Harley Street, London. My first impressions were exactly how I hoped, Dr Rochira was so friendly and welcoming which made me feel at ease when discussing what I didn’t like about my nose. He understood where I was coming from and explained what he could do to help me, he took some photos and worked his magic to show me what it could look like if I was happy and was to go ahead with the surgery.


I felt so comfortable around him and this made me feel more confident to book in a second consultation. I went back with my mum on the 20th July (her opinion means a lot to me so I wanted to make sure she was just as happy as I felt) and Dr Rochira explained the whole process again, went through all the risks that could occur, made sure I was happy with the visible outcome and expectations and lastly asked me if I had any questions for him to answer (which I did..however I struggled to ask many as Dario was fully informing and pretty much covered everything!).


I was so nervous and overwhelmed as I have always imagined getting this procedure done but never thought this day would actually come. I received all my documents via email i.e. the surgery schedule, pre op / post op information and a document covering all the risks of the procedure. I had my pre op on the 28th September with the nurse, she just checked all my medical history, took my weight/height and my blood pressure to make sure I was fit for surgery.

9th October – DAY OF SURGERY

The big day had finally come. I had to get to the hospital (Fitzroy hospital) at 7:30am. I had a little room to get ready in until I had to go in for surgery. The nurses done their final checks and then Dario came in to see me to check how I was feeling and have a little chat to help me feel more at ease. He then took some final pictures of my nose and went to get ready. The nurses then took me to the operating room where I prepared for my surgery.

I woke up in the recovery room with no pain/discomfort at all, just very drowsy as you could imagine! I was then brought back to my room where my mum was and honestly I’d never been so happy to see her…I’m sure there’s something about waking up from general anaesthetic and seeing one of your loved ones, its so comforting and I felt so relieved. I had some food and hot chocolate to help with my blood pressure and the fact I hadn’t eaten anything since 10:30pm the night before, it was safe to say I was starving! It was around 12ish when I woke up in recovery.

A little later Dario came in to see how I was doing and to show me a video of my results, of course I was still a little bit out of it, but seeing the difference in the before photos I knew he’d done an amazing job!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After getting the all clear to leave the hospital I made my way home the same day. The same evening I started to feel a little discomfort where the pain killers started to wear off but I had no pain. I had lots of tablets to take which was supplied by the hospital so I dosed up on these for the first 3 days just to ease the slight pain/discomfort. During the day it wasn’t as bad it was more of an evening or when I tried to sleep the discomfort occurred. On the Saturday (3rd day) I returned to the private clinic to get my packing removed with Dario. This was probably the most uncomfortable part of my recovery I’m not going to lie. I had been cleaning my nose with sea water since coming out of my surgery, however I still had a bit of dried blood which I couldn’t get as I didn’t want to apply to much pressure. To help take the packing out Dario had to remove this which was not the most satisfying feeling in the world but he done it with lots of care as he knew I was very sensitive to any kind of pain! He then managed to get the packing out which is such a weird feeling I cannot even explain, but it relieved so much pressure from my nose and I was able to breath a lot easier.

16th October – I GOT MY CAST REMOVED!

Honestly, I don’t even know how to put it into words how I felt and feel to this day. All I can say is a massive THANK YOU to my amazing surgeon as he has done a wonderful job and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve gained so much more confidence that I never thought I had, I can breath a lot easier and most importantly I can look to the side and not have to worry about what was my biggest insecurity.

I wanted to share this with you guys as this is a huge part of my life journey, but not only that; if you was thinking of having rhinoplasty surgery and wanted some reassurance or even more of a personal insight of what to expect then I’d be more than happy to help.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! My dm’s are always open for a chit chat 🙂

Thanks again to Dr Rochira and his team for making my journey so amazing, I couldn’t recommend him enough if you are thinking of having surgery, so I’ll leave his Instagram handle here for you to have a look at his incredible work — @dario_rochira


Chelsie xx